World PH Day

Dear member, dear sponsors,

On World Pulmonary Hypertension (PH) Day on May 5th, PH Austria – Lung Hypertension Initiative is launching the attention-grabbing online campaign “Blue Lips” to bring this important topic to the attention of the public and to support those affected by the incurable disease! Why blue lips? In addition to states of exhaustion, shortness of breath and other symptoms, blue lips are a visible sign of pulmonary hypertension. PH Austria took up this external characteristic for the online campaign and asks celebrities, bloggers, influencers, but also YOU ​​to take part in the campaign!

World PH Day has been celebrated on May 5th every year since 2012 to send a signal to those affected by this rare, incurable disease. Pulmonary hypertension is a disease that can affect people of all ages. The causes of narrowed pulmonary vessels are diverse, including inflammation, clots, heart defects, but also unexplained triggers.

International online campaign
A lack of oxygen in the body is characteristic of the disease and as a result, those affected often have blue lips. We are launching a cross-border campaign via social media on World PH Day to raise public awareness of this rare disease.
The following hashtags are used: #bluelips, #phaeurope, #goodPHnews #WorldPHDay, #pulmonaryhypertension, #phaustria or the hashtags of the PH initiatives in the respective countries.

A campaign to participate
According to the motto “Be there and make the world a better place”, everyone can participate! And this is how it works: Simply download the blue lip template that will be published on Facebook on May 5th (or make your own lips blue), take a selfie, post it on Instagram and Facebook with the campaign hashtags and family, friend : Invite people and friends to participate. From May 5th, a loud signal will be sent across national borders for the around 25 million people worldwide who suffer from pulmonary hypertension.

Commitment creates confidence
PH Austria – Pulmonary Hypertension Initiative has been campaigning for patients in a variety of ways for 20 years. The association depends on donations in order to continue its work for those affected. Eva Otter, who is ill herself and is involved in the association, about her work: “The exchange with other affected people gives me the strength to carry on. We are there for patients around the clock and help them in all matters. Whether it is the support of the 24-hour hotline, advice on social issues or psychological support. “

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