About PH Austria

We, the pulmonary hypertension initiative, are a non-profit institution. We advise people suffering from the fatal disease pulmonary hypertension. Our goal is equal rights for all those affected throughout Austria so that all patients receive the same, best possible treatment and psychosocial support.

To achieve this, we operate an office in Vienna Meidling, Wilhelmstraße 21. The office is open during the day from 8:00 until 16:30. In order to be available to our members 24 hours a day, we also provide our patients with a 24h hotline. We always have an open ear, no problem is too small.

In addition, we organize information days and chat meetings in Vienna, Linz, Graz and Innsbruck. The information days are there to keep the ones affected up to date on their illness. Not only scientific lectures, but also contributions in the field of social issues, as well as various workshops, such as about nutrition, rehab, breathing exercises and much more are offered. We make every effort to assist our patients in completing an application for a handicapped passport, a parking pass §29b or a care allowance. We also constantly update our social guidebook.

The chat meetings serve exclusively to promote the lively exchange of ideas among those affected in a pleasant atmosphere.

As a special service we offer consulting hours in the AKH. Here patients can inform themselves about our offers. The offer of psychosocial care and nutritional counseling was very well received. We cover the costs of the first two counseling units for our members.

Since 2015 we, and we are particularly proud of this, have been able to offer financial moment support to members who have slipped into social poverty as a result of their illness.

Of course, we are also working for a better awareness of this disease. For example, are there the Viennese Zoolauf which takes place since 2012 and the Ghostrun in the Vienna Prater since 2015. There will always be an event for the World PH Day (World Pulmonary High Pressure Day) on May 5th. There were already bubble soccer tournaments and lectures with a Science Lunch at the University of Graz to make especially medical students aware of the disease.

We are also publishing a newsletter 3-4 times a year, which is sent to all of our members, supporters and pulmonary ambulances in Austria.

In addition we are very active on Facebook.


PH Austria – Initiative Lungenhochdruck The Pulmonary Hypertension Self-Help Group was set up by Klaus Körner, himself a pulmonary hypertension patient, in 2000. Sadly, he died shortly before his 30th birthday after a transplant. Then, in 2002, the Group was taken over by Gerald Fischer and runs today under the name PH Austria – Initiative Lungenhochdruck.