ANYONE CAN JOIN – patients, relatives, friends, doctors, nurses, and many more besides

Why are subscription payments so important to us?

Because, without our members, we couldn’t do our work!

Many of you have already been living with the disease for years without ever having contacted us, because you believe you don’t need us or perhaps because you are reluctant to join a patient association. Or you were simply not aware that we exist. Nonetheless we are also there FOR YOU and working tirelessly for YOUR rights and improvements in social and welfare matters.

A large membership means that we have more opportunities to support patient issues and gain greater attention from authorities and ministries.

We are always ready to listen to you, regardless of what problem is involved. Of course, even we have our limits but we will leave NOTHING untried!! Many people find it good and helpful to have the chance to get to know people with the same illness, to exchange their thoughts, about a treatment they have in common, about side effects of the medications or about the course of the disease.

For others, it is important always to be informed of the latest state of affairs or to find out about anything new. That is why we run information events and those affected and their families have a chance to speak to doctors outside the hospital.

We have come a long way but are nowhere near our goal!

Every one of you counts!
Only together are we strong!
We look forward to you and thank you very sincerely for your loyalty and support.

Annual membership fee:

Patients: € 20.00
Family and friends: voluntary donation
Companies: € 500.00 (with your logo and a mention on our home page)

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