Vergissmeinnicht Initiative

The Austrian Lungkids Research Association is now a member of the Vergissmeinnicht initiative – the information platform on the subject of “Bequeathing for a charitable purpose”.

Together with the initiative’s sponsor, the Fundraising Verband Austria, and other cooperation partners, the aim is to provide information in Austria about the possibility of including a charitable organization, such as the Lung Children’s Research Association, in addition to relatives in one’s will.

We find the idea of doing something good beyond one’s own life, of giving those affected hope for healing through research and thus being remembered, really beautiful and worthy of support!

Wortspende Menschen - Quelle ©APA/dpa/Lino Mirgeler
Wortspende Menschen - Quelle ©APA/dpa/Lino Mirgeler

“Healthy children have many dreams. Sick children only have one. You can help!”

Why give to the lungkids?

Children who suffer from pulmonary hypertension often live isolated from their environment and have to miss out on normal things like playing outside, meeting friends, sports and even school. In addition to love and attention, they need life-sustaining medication and medical supplies. The association relies on donations to help these children and their families cope with everyday life and to continue to advance research.

With your help, you are making a tremendous contribution – enabling children with PH and their families to live easier lives.

Mein Wille hilft helfen - Vergiss mein nicht
Mein Wille hilft helfen - Vergiss mein nicht

What happens to my donation?

Aid package for lungkids

Children with pulmonary hypertension receive a drug pumped directly into their hearts via a catheter every 30 seconds. If the pump fails, it is a matter of life and death.

The association works to ensure that the children receive a replacement pump. As well as a portable oxygen concentrator that helps to ensure that the child is supplied with vital oxygen outside of their own four walls.

The package also includes a scooter specially adapted for children, which they can use to get around outside and thus come out of their isolation.

Development of the 6-minute walk test app.

The app provides a simple and cost-effective means of measuring functional exercise capacity in children with pulmonary hypertension. The app helps determine if there is worsening/improvement of cardiopulmonary disease, allows for more accurate grading of mobility, and better monitoring of the effects of intervention or treatment.

Contact and information

We will gladly send you a brochure with further information. Please contact us at: