Care allowance

Who can claim a care allowance?

In principle, anyone who requires care can claim a care allowance. People in employment can also draw a care allowance in accordance with the provincial care allowance legislation of the Austrian province in which they are resident.

When are you entitled to claim a care allowance?

  1. In the event of a permanent need for care or assistance because of physical, mental or emotional disability
  2. In the event of a minimum care requirement of 50 hours per month
  3. If you are resident in Austria. (Under certain circumstances, a care allowance may also be granted in the EEA area)

A need for care exists if support is needed for care procedures. Care procedures are all personal needs, such as cooking, eating, taking medication, dressing, personal hygiene, etc.

Only the 5 cases of assistance below are taken into account as a need for care:

  1. Procurement of food and medicines
  2. Cleaning the home
  3. Personal hygiene
  4. Heating the living space of the person needing care
  5. Accompanying the person needing care to the doctor or on official business

A medical expert assessor from the competent office decides on the assignment of a care allowance level. Care staff and family carers may also provide information about the everyday care routine.

The amount of care allowance is divided into 7 levels depending on the extent of the need for care and irrespective of the cause of the need for care:


Level 1 – over 60 hours –  € 154.20
Level 2 – over 85 hours –   € 284.30
Level 3 – over 120 hours – € 442.90
Level 4 – over 160 hours – € 664.30
Level 5 – over 180 hours – € 902.30
Level 6 – over 180 hours – € 1,260.00 (continuous day and night care)
Level 7 – over 180 hours – € 1,655.80 (no deliberate movement possible)

Status: 2010 (Source KOBV – Austrian umbrella organisation for associations for victims of war and people with disabilities) and Ministry for Social Affairs (amendments 2011)

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